Five days after, Ogun raises alarm over missing Children

 Five days after, Ogun raises alarm over missing Children

Michael Babatunde, Abeokuta

The Ogun State government has raised alarm over five missing children from the state owned Stella Obasanjo Motherless Children’s Home in Abeokuta.

This is coming five days after the children escaped from their home on Thursday night.

The government on Tuesday in a statement through its commissioner for information, Alhaji Abdulwaheed Odusile claimed the children were discovered to be missing on Thursday night and the matter was reported to the police on Friday.

When contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi made no response on the report.

Police had earlier rescued four children, three pregnant teenagers from a suspected baby factory in the state.

The state government’s statement is not unconnected with the rescue made by the police.

One of the state Social workers in a team who visited the Police on Tuesday identified some of the rescued ladies calling them by their names.

The worker when approached declined speaking with the press.

22 year old Chidera Onouha with her six month old baby alongside one other had escaped from the home with allegations of maltreatment.

While the state government didn’t identify any of the children rescued to be the ones missing from its home, Odusile in his statement said the government has ‘sent signals to all required quarters in order to establish the truth behind the saga.’

He added that all those on duty at the home the night the children escaped have since been queried.

His statement reads in parts, “It is also noteworthy to say that the children do not have free access to go out of the premises as there is no such thoroughfare. They are strictly monitored. So, it was shocking and most surprising that they found their way out of the premises.

“As such, the state government has taken steps to bring them back into the home as the matter was promptly reported to the police and all those on duty on the night of the incident were promptly queried.

“The government has also sent signals to all required quarters in order to establish the truth behind the saga.

“We are very much in touch with all the agencies of the government concerned. We are conducting our own investigations to establish the facts. We want the public to be rest assured that we shall leave no stone unturned to unravel the truth.

“The authorities concerned were duly notified and the police were informed. We did not just report the case to the police, we went a step further to issue queries to everyone on duty that night. If need be, we will set up a panel to further look into the matter, but we want the police to continue their investigation before we take any further step.

“Ogun State is a no-go-area for criminal minded individuals. If it is established that some of our staff were involved in any shady deal, they would be promptly brought to book. We live in a society where we allow the law to take its course.”

Oyeyemi said that the police is taking all steps necessary to link all rescued children with their families.

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