Olufemi Danzo: The 29-year-old marshalling the growth of newbies in Nigeria’s music space

 Olufemi Danzo: The 29-year-old marshalling the growth of newbies in Nigeria’s music space

In 2014, Olufemi Danzo pivoted from making music to helping the growth of emerging acts in Nigeria’s music scene. A genuine love for the nurturing of craft and advancement of culture shines through. What’s the size of his input? 

Unassuming, informed, focused. You’d easily spot these traits in conversations with Olufemi Danzo. He has enjoyed a successful run with his knowledge of the music business and talent management, helping upcoming artists navigate the Lagos-run Nigerian music industry. 

Adept at using strategic means and grit to advance the culture, the 29-year-old rounded talent manager is one of the passionate few working tirelessly for the acceptance of new voices and the creation of consumption spaces for experimentations. Oh31 Entertainment, his talent management imprint is driving this in an industry that is often hostile to newbies.  

In the last six years, he’s worked with a dozen upcoming artists including Ybass, Akib, Kapo, Zayo, Playboi Mafia and Tosynn. From background efforts to mainstream work for these artists, the end goal remains constant: charting career trajectories and moving the culture forward with excellence.  

Born and raised in Lagos, Danzo first graced the music scene as an artist before talent management and showbiz secured his attention. As Director of Socials at the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijebu-Ode in Ogun state, he was responsible for organising entertainment shows on campus.

The graduate of Political Science would later pick up the demanding job of spotting great talents on campus and supporting them in the best way possible.  

The energy Danzo brings to talent management and A&R (a division of the music business that is often undermined) gigs is contagious. In his books, every opportunity is an invitation to grow, learn and contribute to a worthy cause. 

And when things are getting too serious in the room, you’d find the rounded entertainment executive offering jokes and banters that are true to his person. For Danzo, it is always about matching fun and innovation to get results – despite life’s demands and unpredictability.

Last year, the global coronavirus health situation caused disruptions to life. Economies and music scenes – here and elsewhere – weren’t spared. Staying and adapting became new watchwords.  

Due to the costs of big concerts and shows at this time, songwriting and rededication to craft are getting more attention than ever before. Danzo and the Oh31 Entertainment team are doing a great job here, helping artistes in their tribe with increased visibility and reception for music projects.                

It will be interesting to see what Danzo does next with talent management and the business side of things on the music scene. Hopefully, COVID’s influence continues to take a fall for this to happen.

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